Thank you so much for coming to Kentuck Festival of the Arts!
Please help us serve you better by taking a few minutes to tell us about your experience. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations.
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What's your first name?

{{answer_60675531}}, we were so glad you could join us this year! How many years have you been coming to Kentuck Festival?

1 = this was your first year
Wow that's Great! {{answer_58845531}} years! We can't wait to get your input and suggestions on the festival!

We love newcomers! We can't wait to hear about your experiences!

This survey has 7 parts (approx. 1 minute each). Each part is critical to our understanding how we can serve you better.

Section 1 | Festival

How did you hear about the Festival?

If you've been coming for years, we'd like to know how you usually get the details about this event.

Where did you purchase tickets?

On average, how much time do you spend at the festival?

Do you normally attend...

On average, how much $money$ do you spend on art at the festival?

In addition to the entry fee...

Do you prefer to purchase...

Did you use an ATM?

Why not?

How would you rate the following?

...overall satisfaction?

...overall quality?

...ease of navigation/ getting from place to place?

...cleanliness of restroom facilities?

1 = gross       5 = spotless

...accessibility for differently abled individuals?

...ease of transportation to and from the park?

...finding volunteers/staff if you needed them?

...interacting with volunteers/staff?

Section 2 | Artists

How would you rate the following?

...the quality of the artists this year?

...the diversity of artists this year?

...the diversity of art this year?

...interacting with the artists?

...the prices?

Did you purchase art this year?

Why not?

Did you have a favorite artist?

That's great! Which one?

Section 3 | Performances
Performances include the artist demos, spoken word poetry, and musical performances

How would you rate the Musical Performances?

How would you rate the Artist Demos?

How would you rate the Spoken Word Poetry?

What is most important to you about the performances?

Section 4 | Kentuck 4 Kids

Did you or your child participate in Kentuck for Kids (K4K) activities?

Activities included in Kentuck for Kids: face painting, tie dye, paper marbling, kids clay, Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra Petting Zoo, paper weaving, self-portraits, book arts...
How many years have you brought your kid(s) to K4K?

Which of the K4K activities did you or your child participate in this year?

Which of the K4K activities are your children's favorites?

{{answer_60675531}}, which of the K4K activities are your favorites?

Do your kids participate in other Kentuck events throughout the year?

Classes, art night, etc
Would you like them to?

Section 5 | Food Trucks & Beverages

Did you purchase food or beverages at the Festival this year?

How would you rate...

...the quality of the food this year?

...the variety of food and beverages?

...customer service?

...picnic area?

Do you have a favorite food/beverage vendor?

Which food/bev vendor was your favorite this year?

Why not?

Section 6 | Next year & Suggestions

{{answer_60675531}}, how likely are you come to the Festival next year?

That's great! Do you have a suggestion for how we could make the festival even better?

Oh no! We're shooting for 4's and 5's... Do you have a suggestion on how we can improve?

How will your suggestion help?

What is your suggestion?

Which, if any, have a negative effect on your participation in the festival?

Would you be interested in volunteering for the festival next year?

You'll be the first to learn about volunteer opportunities for the festival.
Do you participate in other Kentuck events?

Art Night, classes, etc
Would you like to participate in Kentuck events throughout the year?

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Section 7 | About You

What's your gender?

How old are you?

What is your current marital status?

What's your highest educational degree?

What is your average yearly household income?

What is your current employment status?

Thank you so much for joining us at the Kentuck Festival of the Arts!
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