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The 46th Annual Kentuck Festival of the Arts will take place October 21st and 22nd, 2017 featuring 270+ nationally and internationally acclaimed folk and contemporary artists and expert craftspeople. The festival also features interactive demonstrations by expert craftspeople, music, and spoken word poetry. 

If you love to be surrounded by creative, colorful, happy and fun people, this is the event for you! Thank you for taking the time to apply and volunteer with Kentuck for Kids.

Please note that this is the weekend of the UA v. Tennessee football game.
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Nice to meet you {{answer_UVjE2TAcTHfk}}! I'm Katherine. I'll be organizing Kentuck for Kids this year =)

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If possible, please upload the paperwork we need to sign to give you credit. We like to keep a couple back-up copies on hand. Please be sure to also bring this form during your shift so you can get credit! If you don't have the paperwork now, please email it to Katherine ( at the earliest. convenience

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Volunteer opportunities are filled on a first come, first serve basis.
*Experience required.
**Different hours than the other K4K activities.

Are you proficient in Chinese Calligraphy?

Unfortunately, we are unable to train volunteers in the ancient art of Chinese Calligraphy this year. We are working on a training package so anyone can help with this activity in the future. For this year, can you select a different activity?

The Musical Petting Zoo has different hours/shifts than the regular K4K activities. Can you come in a little earlier or stay a little later?

If not, no worries, select a different activity =)
Would you be interested and available to assist in taking down/packing up on Sunday starting at 4:30? *

The park grounds volunteers didn't have enough people helping out last year. The Sunday afternoon Kentuck for Kids shift ends shortly before the take-down & pack up begins. If you have time, we'd love your help. Please note, this is very physical work.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How did you hear about volunteering for Kentuck for Kids?

Which club or organization? If you were referred by a particular person in that organization, let us know who we can thank for sending you our way.

{{answer_UVjE2TAcTHfk}}, thank you for being awesome! Check your inbox for more information. If you have any questions please reach out to Katherine:
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